About us

The tobacco factory in Chisinau (now the joint-stock company "TUTUN-CTC") descends from the workshop of filling cigarettes, created in 1924 at outskirts of Chisinau.

It was the first enterprise of tobacco industry in Bessarabia.

Straight after the Second World War the joint enterprise created the production of fermentation of tobacco and workshop of output of cigarettes in this place. The 193 tons of fermented tobacco and approximately 2 mln. of pieces of cigarettes were produced in 1945.

Twenty years later, the fermentation factory with the productivity of 10 thousand tons/year was commissioned in 1966.

The enterprise occupies a special role in 1970-1979 when it becomes the base enterprise of tobacco manufacturers in the Republic of Moldova.

In 1977 modernization of tobacco factory in which result capacity reaches 9,0 billion pieces of cigarettes comes to the end.

In 70-80 years the Chisinau tobacco industrial complex was included into number of the most technically equipped and largest enterprises of the tobacco industry of the former USSR and the Eastern Europe.

With a view of the American type tobacco processing (Virginia and Burley) on the basis of modern technologies, in 1981 fermentative manufacture has been equipped by a line from the company "Hauni" for threshers and broadleaf tobacco redrying processing. The Tobacco Industrial complex occupied also the position of the leader in 1980-1986 when it was included into Association "Moldtabakprom".

In 1999 the latest modern line on manufacture of cigarettes of the highest quality was bought, mounted and put in commission.

In 2005 the new line equipment of the company Hauni for processing Oriental and Virginia type tobaccos was established, with the capacity of 4 tons per one hour. This equipment allows providing preparation of cut tobacco mixtures of higher quality for manufacture of cigarettes. For the purpose of quality assurance and conformity to sanitary specifications not only in an end-product, but also during its manufacture, on "TUTUN-CTC" the test accredited laboratory is functioning, in accordance with National System on accreditation. The up-dated equipment, qualified personnel, technical competence, a wide experience, responsibility, accuracy of measurements – all these allow receiving results with a split-hair accuracy, reliability and convergence. Independence of manufacture, objectivity of analyses performance, constant quality and hygienic specifications control, such as the maintenance of nicotine, TAR, CO, etc., allows to support production "TUTUN-CTC" at qualitative level.

  Conformity of cigarettes "TUTUN-CTC" to quality indicators and hygienic norms are proved to be true by the Declarations of the conformity which have been given out by accredited laboratory or certificates of conformity, issued by competent authorities, on the basis of our laboratory results. "TUTUN-CTC" is the first the enterprises with a tobacco profile in Republic Moldova which has the integrated system of management: quality – environment – health and safety in work, on the basis of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, the certificated in National Authorities of Certification, and also by the Romanian company SRAC and English company IQNet. This system allowed to expand, in rather short terms, assortment of let out production, and also to raise its quality. Successes of the company “TUTUN-CTC” in the field of quality, prove to be true by well-deserved rewards at different international exhibitions and forums:

  • TABACEX EXEBITION (MOSCOW 2002): Golden medal – DOINA Lux Premium, DOINA Lux Ligths, DOINA Lux Classic, TEMP; Bronze medal – Fluieraş, Doina;
  • PRODEXPO (MOSCOW 2007): Silver medal – TEMP Gold, TEMP Silver, DOINA Lux Premium.

"TUTUN-CTC" produces about 25 brands of cigarettes, many of which are well-known not only in Republic Moldova, but also behind its borders and is the leader in the sphere of tobacco products manufacture and trade in Republic Moldova.